Our Internet has been shut off for a few days now so I am stealing some extra slow Internet access from a team mate. We leave our little island that has come to be home tomorrow for the LONG trip stateside. We are actually feeling oddly at peace and relaxed about the trip home. Maybe it is because we had a great week with friends here, maybe it is because we planned and delegated and seem to have everything done that needed to be done before leaving, maybe it is because we really do not have much to take home since we cannot wear hardly anything we own once we arrive home (Anni does not have closed toed shoes), or maybe it is because people here have been helping us prepare so much, or maybe it is the calm before the storm……we shall see. But we are outta here tomorrow mid-day headed for Dar, then the next morning on to London, then on to Chicago. I will be out of touch for a bit but we would appreciate any and all positive thoughts and prayers about the travel. It will be a safari mrefu (a long trip)!
*I will post about my surprise baby shower that the gals on my team threw me, Anni’s crazy party, and the NEW computer lab at the school upon return ….and faster Internet..YEAH!!! But for now here is my new fav picture of Miss A and her best bud Romy waiting for the guests to arrive at her big sherehe.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wishing you all well and safe travels to Chicago.

  2. Anonymous says:

    yay!!!! excited to see you soon!prayers and blessings for safe and calm travels!