We had a family over for dinner this week and as a gift they brought this papaya…it was BIGGER than Jason’s head!

my neighbor digs for clams and has invited me to join her when we return since I explained that I am a pregnant Mzungu wuss and cannot take hours of bending over and digging right now. She came over to show me the results of many hours of work digging at the beach. I just love her smile!

a friend brought some of these fruits as a gift…they are called shoki shoki which is fun to say!!

how we buy our fruit

a thief jumped our wall and stole most of the sugarcane growing in our backyard shamba but our mlinzi was able to save this piece…Anni liked playing with it since it was “bigger than me, Mama” It makes amazing juice and people like to chew on it as well

this is a sad and pathetic head of lettuce that is pretty costly here….it is also why I cannot wait to have a salad with romaine lettuce upon arrival in the US!!!
  1. Anonymous says:

    MMMM- those Shoki-Shokiewere what we called Rombutan in Indonesia. I have found them ONCE at a fruit market here and ONCE at a market in China…oh what I'd give to have fresh ones again…though when I was eating them Ava thought they looked REALLY GROSS:)