One thing I really miss about Chicago is the entertainment options we had at our disposal. Now, if am honest I cannot remember the last time we actually went to see a movie back home especially since Miss Annikah’s arrival. Babysitters and movie tickets were not cheap and on date nights we mostly would go to dinner so we could actually talk and catch up (and because we both LOVE to eat, duh!). But at least we had the theoretic option to to go out and see a movie if the feeling so moved us. No movie theaters here and unfortunately NetFlix has not made it to this continent. Of course we do have beautiful beaches year round so no complaints! Here our only option for seeing relatively new movies is to buy them off the street or from the local shops. These are legal here and seem somewhat legit…that is until you read the back or see the subtitles. You see what qualifies as English is less than say; academically sound. Once we even watched a movie where one entire scene was in Italian (a language NOT even offered on the DVD!). I had to share the following description found on the back of a movie we borrowed from some team mates. It is hilarious, ridiculous, and endearing all at once (I hope the picture is readable)….So if you had to try to select this movie based on this description whatta think?

Wait! It gets better. While Jason was off gallivanting in Asia I watched it one night and could not get the darn subtitles to turn off but no worries reading them proved to be better than the actual movie. This was my favorite one:

This was the actual line of the movie: I’m here because I got fired

This was the subtitle offered: I be not like fried man of squid

Yep, it is entertaining in so many ways!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    hahahaha… LOVE the subtitle!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    “fried man of squuid?” LOL What could they actually even think that meant? Probably what my French and Spanish teachers thought when they read my translations. I hated foreign language. Not good at it all. The guy who has this job, must have the same problem. Glad you can laugh at it all. I will be happy to be your first babysitter when you get back so you can go to a real movie!

  3. Anonymous says:

    It's like those weird spam emails you get with language like that. Or there are websites that come up. I thought they were massive key word searches for the browers. Might have just been a movie description! Oh wox.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think you just discovered a new job that you can do from your bed!If only noodles roller skated existentially.Translation: I think those subtitles may actually improve most movies.

  5. Anonymous says:

    We actually thought we had lucked out with the movie we bought in Dar (Last Chance Harvey). The movie jacket description was not a problem at all – but when we turned the subtitles on, they were just as hilarious as you mentioned. So with them off, we proceeded to watch the movie. We were really enjoying it – into the story – but about 2/3 through the picture got weird, so we had to go out immediately to Red Box to rent another copy so we could see the rest. Too bad you don't have that option, either!