Annikah has always loved art projects and being creative. She can only build with blocks for a few minutes, she gets bored easily playing with animals or cars, but she can sit for hours and paint. I think one of the most amazing things about parenting is getting to see who my daughter is, who she is becoming; what she likes, what she enjoys, what seems to feed her little soul and then try to help her develop and nurture her gifts. It really is just part of who she is and I have been a slacker in encouraging it more.

This is Anni’s last week before she starts her new school. It is a local school started by a Korean couple and it is less than a block from our vocational training center. This is a huge blessing because we like the idea of her being so close as we teach and work at the school. It is also the same price for an entire month that her other school was for a week. We visited the school a couple times and although Anni will be the only Wazungu that did not seem to phase her. The teachers teach in English and use Kiswahili for songs, play time, and explanations if needed (and they said Anni understands enough Kiswahili to be ok). We go to get measured for her uniform tomorrow which consists of a T-shirt and little shorts that look like a skirt (since it is not a government school the girls do not have to wear head coverings). I have mixed feelings since I really do think she needs more planned activity, working in a group, and structure but also this means my little girl is growing up; too fast some days. We pray she thrives and makes lots of friends at her new school! Since she starts Monday through Friday after her 3rd birthday(coming up Monday!!!) we have been doing a lot during the mornings since she soon will be a “big girl” and in school. On the days I feel a bit better I always make sure this includes some art projects to feed her little creative being.

This week we made some grainy paint from powdered laundry soap, cold water, and food coloring and had a blast painting everything we could think of. Anni glued some different shapes of pasta down and painted them. Another day we use some laundry line to make a fish necklace including glitter and pasta beads: tres chic. We also made a fabric covered display board to proudly display her works of art. Here is to my budding artist!

the artist entrenched in her work

Anni shows off her new special artwork display made with cardboard, fabric, & clothes pins

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! And at such a young age, she holds the brush down near the ferule where you have more control! That is awesome that she does that, most kids like holding a brush near the top, because they like the splashing and mess created from lack of control! As suspected, she is talented, like her mom and dad!Love, Karen

  2. Anonymous says:

    Her great-great grandfather was an artist for a living, and her great-grandmother paints china, so I think her Lauff genes are coming through.I can't believe how long and curly her hair is. Those are my genes!Can we skype on her birthday?

  3. Anonymous says:

    She and Ava seem to have similar interests! I love that Ava in easily entrenched in her art! Can't wait to you com back and we can see what they can create together!:)