Jason arrived home safely and although a bit worn from the travel he was feeling great and had a fabulous time! Admittedly it was hard to hear about him enjoying some Western treats, clean malls, amazing shopping, and fabulous and super CHEAP Thai food bought off the street but I was so excited he got to explore a new place. It also helps that he said he missed me and so wished we could have experienced it together. The truth is that I am still feeling pretty miserable and would not have been able to enjoy the food or explore with him as we usually do on trips so I am glad he got to get away especially after all he has done for our family in the last 6 months. It was also great timing as he really needed some time away to recharge, rest, and refocus on our work here. Plus, anyone who knows me knows that one of my love language is gifts; I love making or buying them for others and I love receiving gifts that show that someone I care about was thinking of me. Jason definitely did well: he knows me!! Seriously everything he got me I love and would have picked out for myself which is the sign that; as I suspected all along, I have an amazingly caring, thoughtful, and observant hubby that really knows me!

Here is Jason & our team leader trying some fried grasshoppers off the street!

So this post is not at all about his trip (I’m trying to convince him to post on his blog some of the awesome temple and shopping pictures but he is sooo busy with work so we shall see). No, selfishly this post is all about the fabulous gifts I got from his little jaunt to Asia. In addition to Thai prepackaged foods (so I did not feel so left out…maybe after the pregnancy I can enjoy them), canned mushrooms, a cute purse, necklace, some clothes for the baby, really pretty lights for our bedroom, picture frames, and a really cool snake toy for Annikah…here are my favs:
my husband got to enjoy a hazelnut latte while reading a book in Starbucks &
all I got was this lousy T-shirt!
silk robe…beautiful and so luxurious!

these sandals are so cute and a PERFECT fit!! Pretty impressive!

the only thing better than a real Tiffany’s necklace is a bootleg one bought off street vendors for 1/8 the price (and that my hubby bargained and got a great price)
Anni’s sweet outfit with elephants…”Papa, you my best friend for bringing me this”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree – Jason did a great job with the gifts! Such a nice variety of all things women love! Go Jason! Growing up, when he had his paper route and his own money to spend, he bought me some special things. I still have and use my Betty Crocker cookbook that he picked out (cuz my original one was falling apart) and my fake emerald (birthstone) ring that he gave me one Christmas. Another thing I still cherish from him is the little handwritten recipe book he made for me in Mr. Scobey's class.

  2. Anonymous says:

    sooooo cute! well done jason!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great gifts. Jason did great! The robe is beautiful. Anni's outfit is so cute. Is her hair pulled back that much? Really getting long. Off to mail your next box.

  4. Anonymous says:

    well done j!! (ps…i want those sandals!!)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Very cool gifts! Good job, Jas! You know your girls so well. Loved the comment from Anni for the elephant outfit! The Starbucks mug you got me one year for my bday is still one of my fave gifts from you. Anything from Starbucks is always a good thing…