but we are hanging in…

Jason has been gone almost 2 weeks, my first time alone on the island for more than a couple days. I think it has been a good time of reflecting for me. Whenever we are separated I get to appreciate just how much I have grown to love and depend on him and how very grateful I am that he is my husband. Over the past 8 years Jason and I have become a team and since moving here our lives have merged more than ever as we focus on similar work. Our family has definitely spent more time together and I really miss him. I miss feeling his sense of protection, his ability to make me smile even amidst my puking, his body next to me at night, the numerous and practical things he takes care of so that I am free to do other stuff, praying with him when I feel scared or worried, watching bootlegged TV shows together at night from under our mosquito net, getting to see him with Annikah, processing how different our lives are here together, just sharing all we share together.

Annikah has really missed her Papa as over the last 5 months, especially with me being so sick, she has become even more (if that is possible) of a Papa’s girl. In her usual dramatic flare she delivered my favorite line last night while putting her to bed… “Mama, me never see my Papa again. (sigh for emphasis) Ever.” I reassured her that he will indeed return in just one more day but that did not seem to quell her sadness. Once I mentioned that I think he would bring her a present she seemed much less traumatized:)

I must say I am pretty self sufficient here…more so then I thought especially in my sicky-self condition. Things that would usually go on the honey-do list I have tackled myself over the last two weeks; I changed two fuses, fixed the Internet several times, survived a pretty nasty shock trying to fix an power adapter box, dealt with a car breakdown at the market in town while throwing up out the window (with the help of Doro; another Mama that stayed here on the island), got up to check what we thought was a attempt to steal our car in the middle of the night (it was just our stupid cat climbing on top and thus setting off the alarm), and even killed at least 5 cockroaches. Yep, me & Anni; we are just fine but we miss Papa and we want him to come home soon and although I can handle being alone it is just not the same. Our family is not whole without him and I miss my partner and best friend. Jason and I could not be more different but in that we have searched out strength and God has granted us blessing. It may make for a bumpy road but it is so worth the journey. We miss Papa and are ready for him to return tomorrow!

We did keep busy and although I have no camera I stole these pictures Doro took (and 2 from a friend’s camera phone).

Anni showed her friends her fav place

lollipops at the pool…really does it get any better in kid-dom šŸ™‚
petting the mtoto wa punda (baby donkey)
we visited the butterfly center..a girly fav

we went into the nice Italian place in town for gelato…AND they had a new flavor..BLUE!

We also attended an ALL DAY wedding (that we got the invite for about 15 hours in advance…always!) We were there starting at 1pm until about 9pm and when we left we were one of the first to exit and the Bibi Harusi (bride) had not even gotten there yet! We did get to go home to change clothes in the middle of the day but it was a long and crazy day. We ate pilau (spiced rice) together and I wish I had a picture of the HUGE pot used to cook enough for about 200 people…seriously Anni could have laid down in and still not touched the sides, it was amazing! Anni loves the way everyone uses their hands here and shares one big plate and was eager to dig in. I was impressed that my 5 1/2 months preggers self was able to sit on a mat all day, even eat a bit, dance, and keep Anni occupied for that long. It was an honor to be invited and we had a blast!

  1. Anonymous says:

    i've been thinking of you ladies these past weeks! glad you survived in style!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I'm glad the wedding was not when we were there – the two hour party I attended was long enough for me! Glad you and Annikah had fun, though. Sounds like you managed extremely well on your own – I can't BELIEVE you killed three of those monster bugs!

  3. Anonymous says:

    By the time you read this, Jason should be home. We are at the lake watching the 1st pre-season Bears game. John is here, and we all and Rob and Annie went to the air and water show today. We were in the Lake Point Towers top restuarant (70 floors high). What a great place to watch, eat, and drink. The Thunderbirds flew right next to us at eye level. Incredible! Jason would have loved the view of the city from up there!Glad you girls made it through. Looks like you had fun with Doro and the girls.