I need to preface this story by saying we have always taught Annikah the correct names for all her body parts. I have always felt there is no need to make up cutesy names like “pee-pee” just because adults blush at the thought of explaining said body part. Every part of our body is created by God and none of it is shameful. Now, I am sure my cheeks will redden when Anni actually asks me about the birds and the bees but for now we have always taught Annikah the correct names and will stick to that. Recently she has become more interested in knowing the names of everything, I think it is the part of the “why?” toddler thing. She wants to know every person’s name we pass or anyone she sees in a book. The constant “Mama, what the name is?” is adorable but also tiring but we roll with it. Last night I was giving her a bath and she was narrating “I am washing my armpit, my tummy, my knee, my ‘gina (vagina)” and then paused and said very proudly “mama, boys don’t have ‘ginas they have peanuts.” Close, Anni. Almost.

  1. Anonymous says:

    haha… hilarious!

  2. Anonymous says:

    And most men are nuts when they think with their peanuts! So she is not too far off.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh girl! What until that baby comes- it is a boy…she’ll be obsessed! Ava says, she has a “gina” and Phin has a “penis gina”…and so she’s not left out she’ll tell you, when she grow up she’ll have a “Penis too!” (we hope not, but we’ll love her anyway!;) A couple months ago Jason J. was over- she walks up to him out of the blue and says, “You have a penis like my papa, right?” Jason didn’t really answer, he just kind of said, “huh?” and she says LOUDLY, “YOU DON’T HAVE A PENIS? THAT’S STRANGE!” We get LOTS of giggles over body parts…lots of red cheeks and giggles!