I love these pictures and I love this kid.

Even on days like yesterday when she drives me nuts. Parenting constantly humbles me and brings me to back to how often I rebel against my Father and how every morning His mercies are new, His grace is sufficient, and His love has no depth. I pray that I can exhibit such mercy, grace, and love.

Beauty. A thought. I was cleaning dishes in the kitchen yesterday and I overheard Jason tell Annikah “you are such a pretty girl, do you know Papa loves you so much and Papa thinks you are beautiful?” To which Anni promptly responded “yes, Papa, me know.” I felt warmth through my body, like a really big hug; familiar yet treasured. I love my husband and I love the father he is. Every little girl should hear that. Over and over again so that when life tells her she is not she always has that voice, somewhere deep inside. I think if more little girls heard that from their earthly father perhaps they could better understand how treasured they are by their Heavenly One.

  1. Anonymous says:

    She looks sooo sweet in her gingham top!!