There is actually an amusement park here. I remember driving by it our first week here and wondering if the thing even worked because it looked so run down. Apparently it does and I guess in the 8 months of living here it started to look not so shabby (that or my view of what is acceptable has changed a lot).

This is why I was a bit leery about going….

This is what most of the place looks like, run down and not exactly your picture of safety. At one time it was probably really nice but like many things here it was not maintained as we in the West we call maintenance. We have heard people say more than once “why fix or work on something until it is completely broken?” But after about 4 gracious invites from a friend and her insisting that Anni must see it we went together on Sunday afternoon. Anni and I first took the dala dala to met her at her house. As an aside Anni is becoming obsessed with the dala dala. She constantly asks to ride on it and is seriously disappointed when we take the car. Why she likes to be stuffed in a small, sweaty bus is beyond me? Actually, who am I kidding, it is because when she whips out the “shikamo” (respectful greeting for those older than you) she has about 15 adoring fans and she knows it …..and she loves it. After greeting everyone at our friend’s home we walked to the the amusement park. About half of the rides do not work and another third looked a bit too much like a death trap to allow Anni to try them out but we did partake of a little train, the Ferris Wheel, and the Merry Go Round. Annikah had a blast and she cried hysterically when I told her we had to go home. Pole! It was great to hang out with our friend and meet lots of other Mamas and families. I am pretty sure a Wazungu at this joint is a rare siting indeed. Looks like we shall return and at about 2 bucks for everything we can afford it.

Annikah’s favorite ride

at about 8 cents a cone we all enjoyed some ice cream…before dinner too (don’t tell Papa)

my favorite part of this video is the little girl screaming in horror:) I guess she was not as much of a fan as Anni.


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