…. today Anni and I took the dala dala into town with a friend and her baby. After we had almost reached our destination our driver turned down a small dirt road I had never seen before, stopped in front of a house (apparently his house), got out, went inside, changed clothes, grabbed something to eat, and greeted all his neighbors while about 8 of us sat waiting. The CTA may have been slow at times but nothing like that……I love Africa!

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is too funny! Jim and I are still going back and forth with Dyness, the safari guy we’re trying to work with. We had already emailed all the crazy forms he required for us to pay by credit card (including a photocopy of each side of our card – the number and expiration date would not suffice). Then he emailed back that since there is a 5% charge to use credit cards, he needed to add about $50, but that would require us to complete a second authorization form. Jim suggested I just type out (I authorize you to deduct the amount, etc.) so I tried that, but that will not work. We need to complete another form with the new amount. We’ve been going back and forth now for about two weeks on the payment part. There is no reasoning behind any of what he wants us to do. I guess that’s typical!!