This stupid bunny peeler was the highlight of my day yesterday. Yeah, it was a pretty crappy day. And I wish I was posting because I have learned something or because everything turned out great. I didn’t and it hasn’t; at least so far. I selfishly am posting to confess my funk to cyberspace and all the dear souls that read my narcissistic rants (blogs really are the ultimate in narcissism) and in hopes that after purging I will somehow feel better, or at least move on. Maybe enlightenment will even come my way.

It started rough because we all got to bed very late the night before due to having an American family over for dinner (YEAH! we met some other Americans and happily shared our ranch dressing with them :). We actually had a great time getting to know them but because several neighbors stopped by we ended up eating late and thus getting to bed very late. An epic mistake that Annikah would not let us forget. Now back stateside Miss A was a rather scheduled child only because when she wasn’t we paid the price. But here she has learned; along with us, the fine art of flexibility. You have no choice: you learn it or you are so frustrated you cannot cope. We still try to make sure she gets to bed at around 8pm but it varies a bit depending on visitors or outings. NOTE to self: 10pm is too late to put Annikah to bed! She woke up several times during the night and finally ended up in our bed, a bad habit we are getting a bit too lax about in recent weeks. We awoke very early to a grumpy and whiny kid. Taken to a whole new level. Seriously, everything made her whine and cry. I actually wondered if it is possible for a 2 year old to have PMS? Any parent knows the days like this; you try to get by with said fuss-mistier or at least avoid meltdowns and you count the hours until bedtime. But when this starts at 8am you know you are in for a long day.

Add to Annikah’s issues that fact that Jason and I were bickering over stupid stuff. It was like we just couldn’t help saying rude things to one another. I hate that. Mostly because I have at least 50% ownership in it. I guess all 3 of us were in a funky mood. We went out for a swim to try to appease Annikah and save our sanity. Now, we all should know from our history classes that appeasement never works (and yes, I did jut compare my sweet child to Hilter…venting remember?) After an hour we returned home to heat up some leftovers only to find the power out and the house wicked hot already. I made some salad for lunch but while peeling vegetables with a knife cut my finger pretty bad. Since this was the second time I had given my self a rather nasty cut I decided it was my new mission to buy a new one (our peeler we brought from home has been MIA for about a week). I think I also managed to blame Jason somehow for my cutting myself. After lunch we attempted to put Annikah in her room for a nap because she was obviously in need of one. Lately she has decided some days she does not need a nap but we always tell her she must have some quiet time in her room to rest and be alone and because we need and treasure those quiet moments. She was having none of it!! She screamed, threw things, and in general was acting despicable. We took turns going in and trying various tactics; reasoning with her, taking away privileges (including family movie night), and finally spanking but she was not dissuaded from her nasty ways. After 2 hours of this we figured it was a lost cause. I ventured out to get a peeler and a few other things we needed as well as stop by a friend’s house to drop off a gift and explain why I was not bringing Miss Nasty pants over for a visit. I went to 2 different places I thought would have a peeler and both were closed. Then I stopped off at my friend’s place and we chatted. During the course of my trying to explain why Annikah could not come over today she suggested then insisted Anni must be sick and that we should go right now to buy dawa (medicine). Figuring there was no point in arguing in Kiswahili to someone with a vastly different view of what kind of behavior is OK for a child… off we went. We went to the market and after 3 different stores finally got some Tylenol-ish meds that I brought figuring we will certainly need them at some point (and hey, if Annikah did not need them maybe I could drink the little bottle?). I then asked her if she had any insight about where I might find a peeler. I would not accept defeat on this! It was one victory I needed to make this day better. She took me back through the winding streets while I was sweating terribly to the same store I had already been at that was still closed. She explained it was closed for prayer time (duh, I should know these things by now) and so we waited and waited. Finally they reopened but they had no peeler, even though I swear I had seen some there last week. These are the moments I desperately miss Target, or any predictable store. Back to drop off my friend at her home and try the other store again; still closed. On my way home I stopped at one last place and searched everywhere. I described what I needed to the duka owner and he said he did have one and showed me to a dust covered shelf. There it was: a bunny peeler. It looked super cheap but as I said I was not going accept defeat, I bought the stupid thing, and headed outside only to find two cars parked at the craziest angles blocking my car in. The best part: one driver was just sitting in the car chatting away and giving me a subiri kidogo hand motion. Finally, I escaped and headed back home. I stopped off at a veggie stand to grab some tomatoes and out of nowhere heard a voice yelling “Mama Annikah!” I did not recognize the guy but he apparently knew me and asked me to drive his friend home; sure why not? After driving him to first get a phone card and then to his house I finally returned home.

Poor Jason was managing the fort but Anni’s reign of terror was still going strong. She had colored on the floor, stuck play dough to some paper and flashcards, and tore apart her room. I quick made some dinner (using the bunny peeler which is so terrible I might as well use a butter knife) and got her in the bath tub. After drying her off I told her to clean up her room (she had apparently taken out some vengeance on her tea sets as they were strewn everywhere). I went to the kitchen to fill her sippy and then outside to grab the laundry off the line only to find completely butt-naked Anni Joy running around outside with only her shoes on. I quickly hollered at her to get inside to which she quickly replied “Mama, me wear my shoes.” At least she followed one rule. I asked her why she was being so naughty and after thinking about it she answered “me not know Mama.” At least she is honest. After getting PJ’s on and reading a few books and more crying about the lack of movie night (sometimes I hate following through, it would be so much “easier” to just give in) we put her in her bed. Exhausted we headed to bed to watch a movie. At least that was our small dream. But Anni ended the day with a bang. Crying and throwing a fit outside our door for another hour and a half. First it was she needed a book, then a new blanket (her was wet with her tears!) , then more water, etc. We realized everything was a manipulation so we decided to go hard core SuperNanny on her and not speak to her at all anymore. Simply get up, put her back into bed and leave. We took turns so as to NOT go absolutely insane until she started saying “me want to say sorry to Papa.” Now, I quickly recognized this as another expert way to get attention but Jason was fooled into speaking with her and unleashing another round of Anni versus her bed. It finally ended and there was silence. It was so good, very good.

We were so tired but of course the universe could not let us sleep, that would be too easy, too boring. Instead there was a unbelievably loud storm. I guess the rainy season wanted to make its entrance known. Annikah woke up crying and weaseled her way into our bed again. The most hilarious part was the thunder and rain was so loud our car alarm would go off every few minutes so Jason had to run down the hallway to get the keys to turn the remote off. He could not turn the alarm off completely so every 10 seconds it would reset and go off at the next thunder boom. Anni kept tossing and turning and kicking us. The power then went off and out room heated up so fast it was soon unbearable. Any hopes I had of falling back asleep by 3am were completely gone; car alarm going off every few minutes, getting kicked in the ribs, and laying there sweating I had to just think that the bunny peeler was indeed the highlight of my day; sad. Truly pathetic. Especially since I look at the sardonic little smirk on that bunny’s face as it mocks me and my hopes of enjoying my Saturday.

Today has been monumentally better already.

  1. Anonymous says:

    DOH! I’m sorry that bunny is awesome, too bad it doesn’t work because that would be hilarious! You’ll have to bring it back with you, because whenever you go to use it you will laugh! Someone gave me a switchblade peeler, would you like me to send it? Functional and fun. Oh Anni, anni, anni! If it makes you feel any better I put my 13mo old in time out for biting me, a habit I’m desperately trying to stop. He didn’t know it, but it made me feel better until the tears started. Better days ahead!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry that I wished that someday you would have a child as independent and stubborn as you. Looks like God was listening. Thus the reason we saw a shrink over you and your antics. It was before Supernanny. I remember throwing you into your bed from about mid way into the room. You looked so shocked as you bounced almost on the floor. I felt terrible, and went in the other room and cried about being a child abuser and terrible Mother. At least you have Jason to help. Daddy was usually at work since he was working the ER every night too. But look what a beautiful, independent,stubborn woman you turned out to be! Believe it or not Rob and Katy were better at the young age. Rob had his problems when he got older, and Katy was either not as bad, or I just gave up by 40!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to hear about your miserable day. I’m sure the heat made it all 10x worse. Lack of sleep can really mess 2 yr olds up! Silas’ new line when he’s sad is, “but I miss Anni.” That’s his new reason for fussing when he’s tired, doesn’t get what he wants, etc. We must have heard it a million times this weekend on our Chicago trip.