Yesterday, we headed out from Dar for 600+ kilometers drive

the gals in the back seat

first mishap…. that tire is destroyed!!
Rich & Jason change the flat with an interested crowd
Annikah chills on the luggage while the guys change the flat
Jason & Rich discuss the price of a used tire that had a patch, was too small, and needed a tube. After much negotiation we purchased one as it was our only option in case of another blow out
the police pulled us over for speeding..Rich shows off his ticket. The best part was the officer gave him the ticket and then asked for additional money as a “small gift,” seriously does anyone ever say “sure, let me give you more money after you just ripped me off”?

at least the views were beautiful & it was getting cooler

pit stop for some cold sodas & a stretch break

We finally made it & Anni already found a friend!

but the best part is we get to wear sweat shirts!
More later, we are looking forward to a few days of relaxing before we head to Nairobi.

  1. Anonymous says:

    So glad you arrived “safely.” I guess a speeding ticket and flat tire are better than lots of other possibilities! And sweatshirts??? Wow, it must be great to be enjoying cool weather!

  2. Anonymous says:

    never a dull moment! love you guys.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great pics – an Africa roadtrip must be quite the adventure!

  4. Anonymous says:

    On our honeymoon we got a flat tire about 5 minutes after coming out of a terrible thunderstorm. I have never seen your Father change a tire so fast in my life as the clouds and rain came moving our way. Road trips are always “interesting”. Glad you made it safely. My driving in Africa got me lost because they told me to take the “T” roads, that aren’t “T” roads when you come back,OPPS! Have fun, and glad you are cooler. Anni looks like she’s handling everything in stride.

  5. Anonymous says:

    safe travels šŸ™‚ thinking about you. And I’m thinking about the fact that with all the internet complications of your life that you do a much better job than I do posting!! I love reading about your adventures šŸ™‚