So I am definitely on “African time” as they say in wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. Since this is something I probably would never do while I lived in the states I am sure no one waited for my well wishes of what I mostly consider a guilt-induced, over priced flower racket, fake romantic, junk Hallmark holiday. Not that I am bitter. I always told Jason never to get me anything for Valentines Day since it would mean much more if showed up with daises some random day when he thought of me (I know he owes me for letting him off so easily). But since living outside the US I must say I miss holidays way more than I thought I would, even the cheesy ones. I just miss the way we completely over do practically everything in the states. Well, this year my mom sent Annikah little “wazungu” (as she calls the Disney princesses) valentines. You know the ones that come in the cardboard box that you gave out in elementary school (and if you were like me spent hours deciding who should get the “your sweet” instead of the “your a peachy friend” one as if the messages sealed your romantic future forever and would be interpreted with serious scrutiny). Annikah loved them and spent an entire morning before we left on this trip coloring them while I wrote down the names of friends she wanted to give them to. We had a blast celebrating Valentine’s Day early in all its cheesy splendor by walking around with Annikah’s lil’ valentines handing them out to her friends. It is fun to share some of our culture, even the hallmark variety with friends here. We explained that Valentine’s Day is a day you tell people you care about them and they are dear to you, a great exercise for us as we have so many new friends to be thankful for. Maybe I will lighten up my hatin’ on V-day. Hope yours was full of love!

We are still in Kenya and having a great mix of relaxing and well as being encouraged and challenged at our conference. Plus, have I mentioned the weather? How fabulous to not sweat all day! I will post pics soon. We stayed with a family from Texas we met at training way back and they spoiled us with American food and great company. We also spent a couple nights with a Canadian family from training and had a blast sharing about our time in Africa so far and seeing the city. We are blessed.

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