check out this nasty fish our friend Alex caught with the spear gun

after an epic search for something resembling an office chair Jason bargained for this one and then with no way to get the car through the narrow streets to pick it up….
he “when in Africa do like the Africans”
How excited was Anni to play on an actual slide? Our friends built one in their backyard.
ready to go out & play

Reason #1,254 I love my husband…he set up a tent in Annikah’s room so she could have adventures. That kanga is the door & you must Hoodi before coming in.

Mac-n-cheese sent in a package…a true delicacy….

Martha & Annikah (she decided she needed rollers)

On New Year’s Day all the kids in our neighborhood had these pinwheels made out of palm leaves. Annikah was very pleased when they made her one!
*lots of exciting updates on the school coming soon, we have just been so busy!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is that the fish or the spear gun – JEEPERS!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Darling pics! I so wish I could just hug that darling little girl! I love her wrinkled nose when she smiles. And her hair is so curly, why does she have to roll it??? She barely had hair when she left.:(