Last week we finally made our way to an aquarium on the southern coast of the island that is home to many turtles. We tried once before to search it out with little success. That was when we were new to living here and assumed that if it was an aquarium there must be signs. Well, there was one small sign but you could only find this place if A.) you were incredible lucky B.) a taxi drove you there or C.0 you speak enough Kiswahili to ask the locals in the village where to find it. Lucky for us we were able to ask and finally after 3 or 4 wrong turns found the small aquarium. We had promised Annikah that we would see turtles and we were going to deliver! The huge sea turtles lived in the natural lagoon where they are protected. The owners of the aquarium pay fishermen more then they would get at market to save the turtles and bring them here so they can make it to adulthood. They are huge!! They also have a snake, some land tortoises, and a big iguana. Annikah’s favorite part was touching and “petting” (can you pet something with no fur?) the baby sea turtles which they let you pick up from a small tank. There was no railing over the massive lagoon and no place to wash your hands after, making the experience totally African but we loved it and of course I always come armed with the essential hand washing in a crunch items. Annikah was so exhausted from her turtle lovin’ that she passed out and slept the entire way home despite the bumpy road. Another successful adventure enjoying the beauty of our new home.

Annikah remarked “mama, me like that little one”

“Papa pick up ‘nother one”

one of the guides shows Anni the massive snake, thankfully that one stayed in the cage

  1. Anonymous says:

    Another great experience. We saw them in Cayman. Glad they weren’t snapping turtles!

  2. Anonymous says:

    We love the turtles!! Wish we could have enjoyed them with you… Silas said today, “I wanna see Anni” and then made a sad sound. šŸ™ Every day when he “flies” his jets, they are “going to Africa to pick up Anni.”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh man Roxane! This would be a dream for me! I love animals, which I aquired from my Grandfather who worked as the head Zoo-keeper at the Detroit Zoo for 32 years. To this day, it is my goal to get to one zoo in every state! I haven’t made it too far yet. Nashville, Chicago, Detroit, Toledo, Venezuela, South Africa-although it wasn’t a zoo, but I did get to hold the baby lions…oh that was such a treat! Anyway…I’m rambling.The turtles were so adorable, not more so than Anni though. šŸ™‚ She looked like she had a great time!