We awoke yesterday morning and ran to check on-line to see who was elected to the highest office in America. Obama won, history was made, and we missed it, sort of, at least we missed the Chicago part. We quickly scoured over tons of websites and found pictures of the huge rally in Grant Park and immediately started feeling homesick. That is our home town, we knew people that were there, we lived 15 minutes from Grant Park, and we are all the way across the world. We were able (finally) to download the acceptance speech and watched the thousands of people participating in the rally. Whether or not you agree with President elect Obama’s political views it is exciting to me to witness so many people; especially young people, excited about politics, having hope for America, and leaving apathy behind and choosing to hope. For too long too many people have complained but remained silent at the ballot and I think this election empowered many people to insist on having a voice. It is crazy to see how here almost everywhere we go people were talking about the election. The world was watching and waiting to see what the election results would be. The outcome of this election has impact worldwide; there were celebration across Africa, parties here on the island, and Kenyans got the entire day off of work due to the president declaring a national holiday. I also thought Obama’s words about McCain were respectful and true, he is a great American and has sacrificed much for our country and now as Obama takes leadership he has a difficult road ahead and he must work with both parties to accomplish anything of value for our country. A country that is ready for change. While I am interested in politics whatever the outcome of any election my only real job in life is to love God and love people, and I have a hard enough time trying to do just that.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said, Rox. I’m not an Obama supporter, but I completely agree with what you wrote and I know that, ultimately, we can only put our faith in God, not man.