A few of weekends ago (I have been a slacker in posting mostly due to the Internet issues we have here-pole sana (sorry)) we had the opportunity to again visit our friend’s place. They are in Kenya and graciously offered up their seaside home to anyone of us who wanted to get away for a day or two. We came up on a Saturday morning and left Sunday afternoon but it was so fabulous for a few reasons….A.) Although packing is not always fun I did not have to cook full meals as we ate out once and brought simple things like beans to reheat in our Sun Oven (thanks Dre & Jim- it rocks) B.) this is the view front the front yard…need I say more?

C.) we were able to spend time as a family, no people stopping by, no team meetings, just a day and a half to hang out and relax. We spent time in the ocean, I spent time in the sun reading, Annikah spent time digging for shells, and Jason got to swim a bit. On Saturday night we headed out to find a place to eat along the beachfront. Little did we know it would take us over an hour of walking and then over an hour of waiting for our food to actually get food but as I said before we are learning to be a ton more patient. I think once we ordered they sent someone out to get the veggies and other ingredients; seriously. Despite the marathon wait the people that were working at the restaurant were very nice and we did get to practice language a bit. Because we had to wait so long for the food we ended up walking back to their house well after sunset which was not the safest thing in the world but the view of the ocean and the sand with only the reflection of the moon was amazing. We were thankful for the reminder to slow down and experience life, even the “inconveniences” here teach us to just be, not to worry so much about doing. No complainants here…just look at these pictures….

as we walked along the beach we caught a bit of local football

Anni & Jason take a dip before lunch

Annikah chills on the cow skin chairs

finally Anni enjoys her samosas and pasta


  1. Anonymous says:

    i love that pic of anni and her little head wrap.. so cute!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is Annikah ever NOT smiling?? She’s just the cutest, happiest, most photogenic little gal! So glad you had that break with a few perks from “home.” Hope your package arrives soon, and safely!!