Ok, so I just spent 20 minutes crying because it is hot. And Annikah is sick and crabby. And it is dusty and dirty. But mostly because it is hot. Like I want to run around with ice cubes in my bra hot. Like I already took 4 cold showers today hot (I did not work out at all, I just sweat sitting). I had great intentions of working on language today, cleaning the house after our week away, and planning school stuff for this week but it is just too hot to function. I never thought heat would affect me like this but I am cranky, exhausted, fed up. I sat down to check email and saw that it was 44 degrees today in Chicago. It was 96 degrees here inside our house. I really miss home. Today is full of culture shock and doubt. Full of fear that I can never really adjust to living here. I know this will pass but I also want to acknowledge where I am this moment and in this space. I am just too hot to function.
I will update soon about our fabulous trip to the mainland!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh . . . I cannot even imagine. The closest experience I might compare the heat to, is it must be like a never-ending hot flash!! Even three minutes of that is torture!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry girl, it cannot be fun at all, maybe we could ask God to even out the temps here and there, I am thinking 76 sounds awesome for both of us!Love ya!

  3. Anonymous says:

    thinking of you, miss roxanne! You are wonderful, and you DESERVE a good cry. good for you for acknowledging how it’s going, and moving on in a healthy way!we love you!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh honey, I am so sorry. I can’t stand heat either, and you know Grandma can’t. Again, can you get an air conditioner? We’ll send money. Even if the room you slept in so you could get some sleep.