Here is a couple indicators that we are in Africa.

The pic above is evidence of being in East Africa. For those that are not familiar, Stoney Tangawizi is a local “Ginger Ale” beverage. We actually aren’t big fans, but he Engstrom clan will get a kick out of it thanks to their visit to the Coke museum in Atlanta. Although we are now in Nairobi not Tanzania we figured since we have been telling Annikah for the past year that we are moving to Tanzania we would not confuse the situation be introducing Kenya to the mix. We will be here a week for a language course. We left this AM after packing and cleaning and after a 2 hour bumpy ride we are here! As soon as the cars arrived chalked full of us and all our stuff everyone got online asap. It is a miracle to have Internet that is relatively fast šŸ™‚

  1. Anonymous says:

    rox my love! i was so excited to open your blog today and see all the new posts and pictures. i watched all the videos just to hear y’alls voices, and i miss you so much. those pics of anni are priceless! kelly and i ran the nike women’s 10K on sunday and we rocked it. thought of you the whole time.happy anniversary! love you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    stoney!!! ewww.. i wonder if it tastes as bad there as it did at the coke museum!! love you!!