I was reminded of the joy of spinning recently. During lunch Annikah was spinning in circles with a few of the other kids from our training program and Jason was standing close by chatting with some people. A local man who was watching this scene came up and said “ it is not good for Africans to spin around.” In our attempt to be culturally sensitive we thought maybe he meant that our kids were too loud or being inappropriate by playing during lunch time. Before we wrangled the kids Jason asked if he should stop the children and the local man clarified what he meant “when we African spin we get the vomit.” Jason informed him that many of us do too but kids just seem to be able to spin and laugh and have fun. Kids have the gift of spinning without consequence. It is one of the blessings of childhood, time to spin and lack the vomit.

*internet is still really difficult which is a shame because there are so many stories, pics, and videos to share. They will have to wait until we can find a faster/more reliable connection. Thanks to all that have commented and e-mailed! I hope to share more soon!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for patiently sharing these updates even with your slow Internet connection. Kevin and I both have enjoyed your updates!

  2. Anonymous says:

    And we’re continuing to pray for you three… 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Was happy to get the update from Jasou on with pics. It is a beautiful day here at the lake, I hope the weather is good for you too. Praying for you all daily. Miss you and love you all!

  4. Anonymous says:

    You better get to a faster connection soon, I don’t know what I’ll do without my daily lilmonkey fix! By the way, I’ve decided to get back on the blogosphere. You inspire me (more than just about blogging) 🙂