I spent the day cleaning, organizing, and packing….blick! But on the upside we sold our Blazer on Craig’s list to a guy that came over to our place hours after Jason placed the ad and did not even drive the thing before paying cash. A little shady but hey, we will take it as we are on a bit of a time crunch here.

As I was cleaning out my bathroom it occurred to me that my beauty and personal products have the best intentions for me. Really, they do, I swear, or at least that is what I thought when I purchased them. Here are a few dreams that my previous investments have promised. I have luscious, thick, amazingly full locks because I own hair thickening lotion. How is that even possible? Still, I will have hope that right now my hair is becoming more and more Pantene commercial-ish. I have a golden, sun-kissed, J-Lo tan because I have instant bronze that promises a radiant tan in seconds. Clearly, I am defying my age since it says so right on the bottle of lotion I found in my medicine cabinet; Age Defying Daily Renewal Cream. Ha! I laugh in the face of 28….I look 27, 26 and a half even. Not that I need it with my age defying lotion but my skin is also clean and practically perfect because of my deep cleanser strips that unclog and diminish the appearance of any pores. I can feel the cellulite on my legs vanishing and the skin tightening as I type because I have anti-cellulite cream slathered on them. I swear when I look at my thighs I can no longer see the dimpling at all, especially if I close my eyes. Even though I have not slept well in days my under eye circles are disappearing as I dab on the under eye concealer and hydrating cream. So as I attempt to use up these products (or give them away) you will see a new woman, you will not even recognize me the next time I walk past with my firm, tan skin, luscious, thick and shiny hair, and glowing complexion. You will know my pep talk for my thighs worked or at least I do not feel as bad chucking most of this stuff. Ah, to be a woman.


Here is a little Anni video that I love, she does not need any pep talk, she knows she is beautiful and my prayer is that she will always believe and be secure in that she is God’s beautiful daughter (without any of the aforementioned junk:).

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the video. I will have to show to JP this evening. He knows his Girl is FINE!Awesome news that the Blazer sold!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anni! Thank you for launching a new self-esteem campaign. I’m teaching my girls that one! I’m sure I’ll be watching that video over and over and over…Who’s my baby?