Jorie, Mark, and Annikah’s cousins Joel and Silas came out from Iowa on Friday and we spent the whole day having fun together. Jason was able to join us since Thursday was his last day of work (so we can really start packing and preparing to leave)! Jorie is here for a Premier Designs convention but they made a long weekend of it to spend some time with us and we were more than thrilled to have them! After a bit of traffic we hit the Kohl’s Children’s Museum and then after lunch on Joel’s suggestion we walked down to the beach and the park to enjoy the beautiful weather. After feeding the kiddos we ordered deep dish pizza (they have that in Africa right?sigh :), gave the kids a bath, and just hung out. I took short video clips all day so Annikah can watch her cousins when we are so far away and remember what a blessing they are to us. Warning: this video is definitely lengthy and for the under 3 set but there are some too cute cuddly cousin moments.

At the end of the night Jorie commented that it was a “perfect Chicago day -traffic, pizza, & the beach.” I agree but it was all made fabulous by sharing it with them.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for putting together those video clips. Joel and Silas love to watch the “epic film,” and Silas can’t resist singing along with himself at the end. The day after our visit, Joel woke up and the first thing he said was, “Can we go back to Anni’s house in Chicago today?!” They had a blast and so did we!!! šŸ™‚