So I had one of those weird-bizarre-not-bad-but-just-funky days. Here is a sampling of the craziness…..

*awoke too early and could not go back to sleep with thoughts swirling in my brain about how much we have to do in the next month

*spent most of the morning cleaning and de-cluttering so we could show our place today only to open the fridge 3 SEPARATE TIMES and spill stuff all over the just cleaned floor

*tried to go running this AM and took Anni so Jason could try to clean and pack. Before we even made it 2 miles Anni decides it is time for a pit stop and makes this quite clear by the never ending barrage of screams for the “park.” I gave into her requests and while at the park I was chasing Anni around from swing to slide as usual when a man started barking, seemingly just for fun (another family witnessed this and we discussed that his barking was rather real sounding). There were also two women pushing a shopping cart through the sand on the beach near the park. Strange stuff. So I end up running about 4 miles with a 20 minute break in between (not so helpful when training for a half marathon)

*2 different people came to see our place and while Jason was showing the first woman around Annikah decided she would throw the tantrum of all tantrums, I mean this one rivals the kids on Supernanny. I actually had to grab the car keys and run out of the house before her head started spinning around (of course forgetting my cell phone). I decided to drop off the recycling and return a museum pass to the library and Anni screamed for about 15 minutes after we left the house and then suddenly stopped when the wonderful angel of a woman at the library offered her a sticker.

*Because of not having my cell phone I was not sure we should return to the condo yet so Anni and I ventured to my favorite place to kill time and waste money: Target! We did need some TP, soap, and eggs so it was worthwhile. While in line the cashier shut down our line and asked us to move to another line where that cashier then proceeded to shut down and asked us to move again. While waiting Annikah found a baby hat that someone had left behind and wanted to wear it. I thought “fine, no big deal, you can play with it for a few minutes but I ain’t buying it” but my usual “distract with something shiny or yummy and steal method” did not work and Anni lost her mind yet again. Argh! (read here many stares from strangers and looks that say “just buy the kid the hat lady!”). Unloading from the car and coming in I; for no apparent reason, dropped one out of the 5 target bags in my hands and you guessed it: the one that held the eggs. Only one broke though: score!

*Annikah’s diaper leaked through her pants 3 times resulting in many ensemble changes and one couch mishap.

*after lunch we went out for a walk and randomly happened on the Waldorf School’s May Fest where we listened to some fabulous music. At first Anni was very apprehensive but soon got into it and after 20 minutes we had to force her off the stage as she was dancing with the 3rd grade class strings, she did not like leaving and made sure we (and everyone watching) were aware of her feelings about the issue

*We returned home to find shattered glass everywhere in our room and for a moment thought someone had broken in but upon investigation found that a neighbor above us had dropped a brick through our window box propelling micro slivers of glass everywhere (covering our bed, the floor, clothes, stationary, my jewelry, etc). After finding the culprits (they were putting n their air conditioner window unit and dropped a brick out their window) and cleaning it up (read here fingers covered in ban aids) Jason “fixed it” with some plastic and duct tape.

*Because of the 3 hours cleaning and dealing with window we missed the kid’s art gallery at church (boo hoo!) but the high point was catching up with the Anstees at our park and then deciding to have an impromptu to dinner at our place that ended with 3 cute girls in the bath tub.
I guess I cannot pinpoint it but today was just bizarre. Bizarre is “markedly unusual in appearance, style, or general character and often involving incongruous or unexpected elements; outrageously or whimsically strange; odd” That about sums it up.
…..Ok, so it is now raining and we shall see how good Jason’s bootleg fix-it job went.

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a bizarre day… did you guys work things out with your brick-dropping, window-breaking neighbor?