Annikah & I drove our to the burbs Tuesday to help my Grandparents move into Windsor. With Anni, my sister Katy, brother Rob, and Mom we had a team assembled and ready to complete operation unpack and assemble. Yeah that they are finally here close by so my mom can better care for them and they can see us all more.
After the day I was exhausted. It is quite a challenge to keep a toddler busy and happy in a small space with boxes and breakable antiques everywhere while still trying to be somewhat helpful in unpacking and setting up their new place. Anni was great though and even took a nap in a closet for 2 hours so I could help unpack. Annikah was more than happy to play with Auntie Katy and steal ice cream from Grandma prompting Great Grandpa to comment “all that kid ever does is eat!” My response “better than break your stuff!” Welcome home Great Grandma & Grandpa!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    She was such a good girl that day, and Great-gramps is a grump! As always, everything was more fun with Miss Anni and your help. Great-grandma loves you both so much!!!!As do I…