While we were on our vacation Anni was hanging with Grandma Rho, Grandpa Jim, Uncle Justin, Auntie Jorie, Uncle Mark, and her cousins Joel and Silas. Grandma Rho and Jorie took the kids to get their pictures taken together for a Mother’s Day surprise- so sweet! Anni was only away for one week but in that time she learned at least 5-10 new words. She has added to her vocabulary “Iowa, Silas (Sy Sy), Joel, Ring Rosie (as in Ring Around the Rosie), house, star, and some others I have forgotten. A few days ago Jason asked her “Annikah, where do you live?” and we were expecting her favorite answer “Chicago!” but she smiled and replied “Iowa (pronounced Eye-wa).” What a little comedian! Today she saw the following pictures of her cousins and Grandma on the fridge and sat down next to them and said “Sy Sy, Ohhhhhh” (in a pathetic longing type of way). Just wanted you all to know you are appreciated and missed!

Grandma Rho & Annikah

The cousins A few video snippets from Grandma Rho of Anni’s time in Iowa…… (I would want to stay in Iowa too if I got popsicles as big as my head šŸ™‚


I love the baby jumping in this one…


Anni misses Sy Sy



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