Today was my first Mother’s Day celebrated with both Anni and Jason (last year he was in India) and although the weather was miserable it was a great day. After Jason let me sleep in until 8am we headed to church where every woman received a honorary rose. After again braving the monsoon we arrived home and Jason, with Anni’s help, made me a fabulous lunch. This meant so much to me as I know it is definitely out of his comfort zone to cook but he looked up a recipe on the Internet, went to Devon market to get all the necessary ingredients, and prepared goat cheese crostinis for me. They were yummy and we had some extra that we shared with neighbors who agreed on the merits of Jason’s budding culinary skills. Annikah made me an adorable card and with prompting said “mama day” to me throughout the day. We ended to evening with friends from our neighborhood celebrating. The party even got so crazy that various little girls got completely naked and took a group bath (all participants were under 2). Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mama’s out there. I hope you day is filled with the blessings and peace of knowing that giving of ourselves for our family makes God smile. Plus, I hope you get some big hugs on “mama day.”

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