So I was thinking today about that commercial for a certain cell phone company where calls to your “favorite five” people are free, errrr something like that as I admit I really have no idea what the deal is as I rarely watch or pay attention to commercials.
But if I had to pick my fav five I think it would be easy: Jason, my mom, followed by my friend Beck or Laura but these days I would have to add a couple more.
Elmo and the park have now climbed to the top of my fav five friends I call everyday, at least 10 times a day, sometimes more. Now I realize this sounds ludicrous but to a toddler calling the park and Elmo seems completely reasonable and a necessary part of her day. Anni will take anything that resembles a phone (a remote, plastic phone, even a calculator) and pretend like she is talking on it (it is really rather amusing as she is clearly mimicking me). I think this is rather adorable but I made the mistake a few weeks back of asking her “who are you calling Anni?” She looked at me puzzled for a second and then promptly replied “the park, Elmo.” Now occasionally she will say she is calling “papa” or yesterday “sysy (silas)” but I think that is just to humor me because seriously she only cares about keeping in touch with the park and Elmo, and apparently these cats have a lot to say! Now these little phone calls were cute for a while when only Anni and whatever electronic-looking object she used were involved but since Monday it has been that Mama must talk to the park and Elmo every time Anni does. This is what a typical convo sounds like:

“Anni, park, Elmo……….” Annikah mutters to herself while holding the object to her ear with her shoulder.

“Mama…..(I try to ignore her as she thrusts the phone towards me)….Mama (I suggest she tell the park about her day)……MAMA! (I give up and talk to Elmo and the park)”

“Hi, Elmo! Are you at the park? What are you doing? (dramatic pause in eager anticipation of his reply, Anni is listening intently) Wow, Elmo you are going on the slide. Ok, well thanks for talking to me. (pause) you want to tell Anni you love her. Ok I will. (to Annikah) Anni, Elmo loves you and he said he will see you later.” Anni then usually gasps in excitement and laughs. Sometimes I get wild and crazy and talk to Elmo about the sunny day or ask the park about the swings but you get the idea.
If I try to sneak and make an actual call to a real person not covered in red fur with a prepubescent male voice she protests and wants me to promptly “call Elmo!”. At least these calls do not eat up my minutes but I tell you I am tired of talking to Elmo, I actually spend part of my day thinking what should I ask Elmo next time……I am losing it (that is if I had any of “it” left.)

I even tried to pull one over on her by trying to call the park and Elmo and telling Anni they were not there, “they are not answering the phone Anni. Sorry. ” She immediately called my bluff, turned around to dig in her stroller, and presented me with another toy phone and requested yet again “Mama……Elmo, park.” At least she is persistent! Gotta run, I think I have a phone date with Grover in 5 minutes…..

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is just a charming story! You’re a good mama for doing that for Anni. It might work if you have just a quickie convo with Elmo. Hi Elmo, oh you’re at the park. Oh, you have to go bcuz you have to go on the wee? Ok, Love you, bye.Ais missed Anni today – she woke up talking about the park (geesh, at 6:30am – the park is closed!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am laughing my head off at this story, Rox! I see what I have to look forward to.