Anni & I got to hang out with Aislin again today. Beck had an interview for PBS (Yeah Beck!!) for her painting group the Plein Air Painters so Aislin joined us for our adventures. We had an action packed day including some dancing, going to the park, tumbling class, lunch, some art projects, general chaos, an Elmo video, and a nap. Both girls actually asked me to take a nap by 12:45pm. What a day! Because Aislin (so I hear) is the most loyal video watcher of this blog I had to put this little montage of our day on just for her. Aislin is only a few months older than Anni but it is amazing how many words she knows and how she can even string together full sentences “want go to park” and my favorite “Rox, I farted.” Thanks for the over share Ais you are welcome around here anytime.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Anni:chicago. here it comes. Love, Aisi (as dictacted by Aislin after viewing 3 times) šŸ™‚

  2. Anonymous says:

    i have to tell you that elliot loved this video, and right now is saying “anni? more? anni? more anni?” he was a little worried that she “bonked her head” in the tumbling section, and was very envious and excited taht they were “drawing,” which impressed me because i didn’t know he knew that he’s sobbing annnni, annnnnni so i guess i should stop typing so he can watch it again!