As I posted before Annikah is a true artist. I really think this is part of who she is becoming. Her creative juices at work make her giddy and cause me to smile. Making pictures is her favorite activity and she will do almost anything I ask if I promise either A. the park or B. to make a picture.

A few weeks ago I decided to take the ever growing pile of original Anni Joys and make a little gallery on the side of our pantry. I taped them all up one by one and she gasped in excitement to see her work so proudly displayed. It was as if she felt her tedious efforts being celebrated for the masterpieces they are. At least once a day she will pass by her “gallery” of art work and make an “awe” sound or gasp and point to various creations. I usually then comment on the “form” or “use of violet” or the “amazing aesthetic her use of ovals and feathers foster”. Good for me she buys all my pretend artsy babble that I vaguely remember from Art History 101 (Beck– I need a real artists help on my art appreciation lingo!!). Annikah just smiles and beams with pride as I describe with great animation how amazing her work is. It it so precious and a reminder to me as a Mama how important it is to celebrate what your child revels in and be excited about what they love.

  1. Anonymous says:

    She takes after her great-great grandpa Lauff who would have loved her little art work. Her great- grandma is a pretty great painter, too. Like the new look of the blog, and love Anni in your shoes. šŸ™‚

  2. Anonymous says:

    1) I can’t believe there are 11,000hits on yoru blog.2) Anni has a great eye for shape and color!3) Put her stuff in the Grind Cafe Kids’ Art show for May! Any age is welcome 4613 N Lincoln!4) Buy a huge scrapbook to keep all her stuff! Weed out the noise once a month or so!