well, I guess it is actually how Anni is doing since Jason and I are pretty consistently using the potty and have been for some time (me for since I was two and Jason well, at least since we married seven years ago šŸ™‚

Since I posted last Anni has used the potty ZERO times. Of course I attribute this to the fact that I bragged and posted about her pooping in the potty. She has graduated to telling me every time she needs a new diaper by saying “poo-poo” or pee-pee” when asked and although she occasionally seems to want to sit on the potty just for the heck of it she shows no signs of being potty trained in the near future.
She has been placing various stuffed beings that reside around here on the potty and making the “ssssss” peeing noise as if they are peeing. We then clap for the lil’ guy or gal and say a big Hurrah! for their valiant efforts. For now she seems to be happy to celebrate others using the potty. Today I walked in the bathroom to dry my hair and found her precious baby IN her potty, she took out the little bowl part and stuffed poor baby inside. I rescued her but could not resist snapping a quick photo of the only little girl using the potty around here.


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