This was the break out weekend folks, the end of cruel winter, promise of spring, and the lifting of my spirits and general sense of “weeeee” as Anni would describe it. If you were stuck inside I am soooo sorry! and if you chose to be inside for more than 2 hours I “fart in your general direction” (sorry for the Monty reference- I had to!). It was fabulous outside, it was warm, sunny, and smelled of crispness, life, and hope. We were outside every possible second.

We rode bikes, walked the lakefront path, and hit at least 3 parks all to Annikah’s delight (me too!). It seemed as though everyone was out as if the punishment of winter has ended and the bright sunlight was drawing and pulling bodies to anywhere you could feel the warmth on your skin (we were at one park and there were literally busy children and adults in every space on the park equipment and it made me smile (see photo)). Anni actually enjoyed wearing her helmet this year (as opposed to last summer when it was akin to pulling off her toenails) and I could hear giggles from behind me while I rode the bike to the lakefront.
She kept repeating “mama, papa, Anni, park, weeeee” as if she was reflecting on her pleasure at having all things she treasured in one place. She thrives on being outside just as I do which is a huge blessing to me.

I appreciate so much the simple joy of walking outside and seeing small bursts of green breaking forth against all odds, running into families we know from the neighborhood, seeing dogs run free in the sand, catching up with great friends, and taking quiet while at the same time chaotic moments of our life in while feeling the breeze on my skin. Yeah and “weeeee” for spring and outside!!! This last picture sums up my feelings about the weekend.
  1. Anonymous says:

    The spring is so refreshing! I’m so impressed with Anni’s talking! I can’t wait to hear it in person. And I love the new bangs Rox, adorable. Love ya and miss ya, Katybugz