So far this week Annikah has been surrounded with boys and more boys! We helped welcome to the world Gavin Peter with a visit to the hospital on Saturday. He is so tiny and sweet and his glowing parents made new parenting look good. Although Anni had to stay in the waiting room she happily joined a siblings class in progress by usurping one of the baby dolls (she does not need that class anytime soon) while Jason and I took turns holding little man Gavin.

On Sunday we drove out to visit the Carters (college friends) and their new baby Isaiah Luke. Anni liked the baby but really loved his new toys and we shared a chili lunch and chat about how different life is now versus our carefree college days. It was awesome to see them again.
Even though I must say I am grateful to be out of the newborn phase seeing a new baby is such an amazing experience and it is a blessing to share the joy of a new baby with friends.

On Tuesday Anni hung out with Miles (friends’ son) and Jonah while I babysat for most of the day. I took both Miles and Annikah to Anni’s “jump, jump!” class more commonly known as Tiny Tot Tumbling (more on that later). Having boys running around all day is tiring! Annikah managed to steal tons of attention, hugs, kisses, (and some toys) from the boys in her life this week. Whew! Tons of testosterone around these parts….back to my estrogen filled, drama queen little girl šŸ™‚


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