Along with 2 other stir crazy Moms (Kim and Laura) I went to Kohl’s Children’s Museum again today with Annikah and their kiddos Ava and Joshua. We all needed to get out of the house (especially Laura who has been dealing with poor sick Joshua- see his face in the picture below for evidence that Laura is going nutz!) Although we had broken conversations while chasing kids around and probably spent as much time in the car as at the museum I am thankful I have girlfriends who understand me at this crazy stage of life. Anni spent most of her time in the water room, having a tea party and playing with the dolls, and to no ones surprise in the dancing room shaking her bootay and waving the ribbon. Here is to a quick morning and happy kids= happy Mamas!!

*also, I finally figured out how to change my settings and now anyone can post comments- I hope!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Rox,Thanks so much for inviting us out today. It was good for both of us, as evidenced by Joshua’s marathon nap this afternoon!