Anni and I went out to Oak Park to see Jamie and Persis today. Jamie was my college rommie and she lives all the way out in Seattle but we always make it a priority to see each other when she is back in town visiting her folks. It was especially fun to see Anni and Persis interact and run around together although Anni was a bit of a bully today getting 2 time outs for pulling hair and general meanness to poor Persis who was a bit taken a back by it. Anni is usually pretty sweet so I will blame her behavior on her newly emerging top teeth (at least that makes me feel better about it).
We had a blast trying to hold conversations amidst reading books, making animal noises, and attempting to get the kids to eat their lunch of fruit and cheese when there were cookies in plain sight on the table.

Maybe Anni’s appetite was spoiled by the Cheerios we were freely handing out. Anni acted like the lil’ o’s were dark chocolate and was double fisting and slamming them back(probably just because Persis wanted them)! Persis was incredibly endearing as she smiles so sweetly and quotes her Peter Rabbit book loudly “Stop Thief” which sounds nothing like the words but you can clearly tell what she is saying by the intonation. She is also points to anything and everything with her middle finger which I find hilarious. We also enjoyed rousing rounds of “where is your______?” (hand, nose, eyes, etc). But Miss Persis impressed us all with her vast knowledge of the skeletal system as she proudly showed us all where her collar bone was. Although when I asked her “where is your femur” she looked at me blankly and went back her book. I guess you had to be there but it was pretty amusing as you can tell from our laughter in the following video. We even managed to get some prayer in that was interrupted by kid noises and laughter from us but that is reason enough to praise God for our happy and healthy kids. I am posting pics and a video for Persis to watch at home as Jamie said she is a faithful blog video watcher. Enjoy Persis! Anni & I thing you and your Mama are pretty cool chicks!!!


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