On Tuesday Anni & I went out to the burbs to visit my Mom and Grandma. My Grandma is in town because my Grandpa fell and broke one of his vertebrate and so he is in a nursing facility out near St. Louis until he feels well enough to go home. My mom jumped into action and helped them and brought my Grandma to Wheaton so she could help her. My mom is an only child and has a lot on her plate in making sure my grandparents are cared for. I was glad we could go out and visit and at best try to help a little or at least offer a cute pint size distraction from everything.
Especially since Anni has taken to running at the speed of light I have had many instances where I want to run and hide and not claim her in public because of the path of destruction she leaves behind but yesterday was different. I had one of those days where I was so proud of the little human Anni is becoming. Too often I focus on the minor annoyances throughout the day but raising her is truly an amazing gift. I get to see her grow in her understanding of the world. I witness her sweetness and her sense of humor. We drove out in the morning and while I was feeding Annikah breakfast my Grandma was sitting next to her at the table and trying to put her socks on. I was handing Anni things and did not see my Grandma was struggling to reach her foot and pull the sock on. Anni turned to me and started signing “help” over and over again. I finally realized that she wanted me to help Grandma get her sock on. I was amazed that she could piece together all those things and communicate so clearly to help someone else. We also went to an assisted living community (Windsor Manor) to get a tour as we think it is time for my grandparents to move into one. I am praying they will embrace the idea, adjust quickly, and love it! I cannot imagine coming to the point in life where you need to move, sell your home, you stuff, and change so many things about your life. I suppose life cycles and all of us will need to make similar decisions at one time, decisions made with not many choices. I hope I have the foresight, courage, and strength of character that my grandparents have to see the need in my life and respond.
We had the added bonus of visiting Jason’s maternal grandparents the Lowers as they live there as well. They eased all of us by praising the place and hurrying us through as they needed to get ready for a special dinner that night. Anni was at the place for over 2 hours and she was fabulously wonderful the whole time. I usually brace myself for the worst; tantrums, disobedience, and general craziness but she surprised me with her sweet spirit. She danced to the woman playing piano in the foyer, drank from the apple juice fountain about 12 times, pressed all the buttons on the elevator, followed us through long hallways, and ran from person to person smiling. Her smile was infectious and the residents lit up when she was around. She was getting a little restless toward the end and since highlighting the paper and herself was no longer amusing in the small office we were in I took her out to see the giant Christmas tree in the entry way. She instead ran straight for the h’orderves and stuffed 4 cocktail wieners into her mouth as various residents laughed, pointed, and encouraged her.
After getting back to my parents house and eating dinner and playing Anni sat on my Grandma’s lap looking at books and enjoying her milk. I could not hep but smile and inside feel pride at the sweet girl I am a part of raising. It was a good day.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You were both so great. Thank you for helping me with Grandma. You made this difficult decision so much easier. Anni and you both are such blessings to all who know you, and I’m so proud to be her grandmaother and your mother. I got a note from Julie saying she loved meeting the 4 generations. How nice.

  2. Anonymous says:

    sounds like you had so much fun – did you know i used to work there? i was a waitress in the dining room and i loved the residents. some very fond memories. i love the days when i look at my kiddos and i am overwhelmed with pride. what blessings God has given us!