Warning: any male readers you may not want to read on as the following is more for my readers with female anatomy and even some of them might think the following is gross so read at your own risk.

So as the title implies I am done with “feminine hygiene” products as I have known them. No, I did not have a hysterectomy or launch into early menopause. I discovered the best thing! It is called the Diva Cup. Now, I warned you above but since A. I am excited about this want to share and B. think we should not be embarrassed about something natural that every woman on earth does and C. I think all my sense of modesty went out the window a few minutes after childbirth when I looked up and saw about 12 people I had never met starring at everything God gave me wide open in the stir ups I am going to share how this is possible.

So, back to my discovery. A week or so ago a few girlfriends and I were talking about green options for parenting and they asked if I had ever heard of the Diva Cup? I had not and they described it as a green solution to menstruation protection. I have always hated all the money we women have to shell out for tampons, pads, etc and the waste it creates. I was immediately interested in the cost savings (I know, I know will my cheapness ever end?) and the benefit for the planet. I did some “research” online, and by research I mean I read some websites and decided I should try it myself (the only real research that counts). I also have the added incentive and motivation for finding something like this as in Africa feminine products are expensive and not readily available everywhere. I headed out and purchased one for about 35 bucks at Whole Foods. I was sceptical but thought what did I have to lose and tried it out. It is a silicone cup that you insert and are able to wash out and reuse. Well, I’ll spare you all the details but although I was not sure it would work or I would like it I can safely say you will still see me at Target, just not in the feminine protection aisle. It works great and I feel good about the small reduction in waste and the big gain of money in using this product and thought I would give a shout out to the Diva Cup!

*even as I write this I must say I NEVER thought I would be posting about my period but what the heck this is my blog right?
  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, you are a CRAZY mamma! You are not the first person to be converted by the diva cup. Good for you for blogging about taboo subjects other than pooh (meaning your own) and sex! Not those items together however.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Roxanne!I love your blog – I found it on your facebook page (ah, the glories of the internet)! Wonderful news – I’ve only heard rumors of this the Diva Cup. Never got to hear the personal experience and I’m proud to hear you shout it’s glories. Glad to know you give it a thumbs- up!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You can tell I haven’t birthed a baby yet. I thought I was being edgy to discuss my fibroid. Ha! šŸ™‚

  4. Anonymous says:

    I would totally be willing to give this a try but what about the safety of silicone? Just wondering if you looked into that.