Maybe it was because Jason’s expected home coming but I had a dream that Jason and I were on the Maury show. Jason took me on the show to have a paternity test. The Maury show, for all who righty so avoid trash TV is a show which seems to only do paternity results shows. Now, I would never admit to actually watching this show and I do not usually but the thing is that if you flip past it and allow yourself to even hear one minute of it you just “have to know” what happens with that story. I discussed this phenomena with another kindred spirit (who shall remain nameless so she can salvage her dignity at also watching trash šŸ™‚ and she agreed that once you hear the woman say she is 989,400 billion percent sure “he is the father of my baby” (seriously, they make up these bizarre percentages and it is hilarious). I realize of course the whole thing is actually really sad if you really think that there are children involved but for some reason you get sucked in. Now, do not judge me unless you want to get your own blog called (for which you would have plenty of examples and I would gladly read everyday). The show is oddly addictive, like someone wearing crazy make-up or acting the fool in public you just stare and cannot help it.
Now, back to my dream. It ended right before the results were given(do no worry I am 100 zillion percent sure) . Also, there was some how some men wearing space suits in the audience and then the next thing I remember we were driving in a semi truck looking for a place to eat lunch? What a weird dream! My baby daddy just got back from India and is now sleeping off some jet lag. If I needed any more proof that Anni is indeed Jason’s child see the two videos below. I threw in the last one so you can see the dance that J will never do! šŸ™‚ Ok, so bizarre but humor me!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE the “not my baby dance” Great that Maury has a soundtrack for it.