Just got a call from Jason this AM, his 9pm there and he arrived safely but things are not going as planned to put it mildly. Here is the low down:
The airline lost his luggage which included all his clothes except what he was wearing plus a bunch of books he had checked out of the library to work on his grad school research paper (he hoped to finish it while he was there). On the up side he did get 3 seats all to himself and was able to sleep on the flight. But he has been wearing the same clothes since arriving and when I spoke to him he was naked in his room as he had just sent them to the laundry. They did give him like 50 bucks to get some clothes but he still only has 1 pair of boxers- poor guy!
It gets worse…….then yesterday morning his boss calls and tell him that they (in Chicago) decided to CANCEL the project he flew 18 hours to work on! 12 hours after he left they made this decision, tell me no one knew something about this or at least had an inkling before he left Sunday!
So, to sum up he is in India with no clothes and no job to do. They wanted him to turn around and get on a flight home but he cannot as if he does the hopes of ever seeing his luggage again are slim to none. Plus, he has to wait until tomorrow morning for the guys for Chicago to conference call and tell all the guys in India that the project they have all been tirelessly working on is off. They also suggested that he could “sight see” around India for a few days with his own money- HELLO! What is that? Jason also said “it did not sound good” from his boss so who knows what that means? The whole situation has a weird vibe. So, we may see J sooner that we had thought! Please pray that he is safe and that they find his luggage as that is just annoying.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Rox: Where exactly in India is Jason? If you give me an address I can Google Earth where he is. Or even get a street level look! That would be cool! Poor Jason. Maybe there’s an upside to all of this. Hopefully he won’t be there long enough to get sick…. dare I jinx it?

  2. Anonymous says:

    woah – we’ll be thinking of you guys! hope he can get it all taken care of and get back to you two soon!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rox:That is an international work travel horror story. What is going on? Anyway, keep everyone posted on Jason’s trek home.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That sucks, Roxanne (and Jason)! Wishes of a well clothed husband and future projects galore…

  5. Anonymous says:

    update: I talked to J this AM and they finally found his luggage- yeah! and he is headed home on Friday (thursday from India getting here Friday). I am reminded that although annoying, this is so minor and he is safe and taken care of!! Yeah God!