That describes our day yesterday. We ventured back out to the burbs to spend more time with my family and Great Grandparents before they head back to St. Louis and before Jason leaves for India (work trip). We took Anni over to Wheaton Drama to see Santa and she was pretty much horrified by him. This picture is the closest she would get to him, beside her quick lightening move to steal some candy from the lil’ Santa Toy box when another kid was picking some out. She clung to that Lemon Head for the next 30 minutes but sadly her mean Mama never opened it or allowed her to taste the fruit of her sneakiness. When I think about it it is actually quite normal that small kids would be scared of Santa. First of all, they know nothing of his supposed magical and beneficial (to them) toy giving, sleigh riding, ho ho ho taunting hoax. Second, he is kind of scary looking, who knows what is hiding beneath that out of control white facial hair?
After the Santa fiasco we headed to a craft fair (the girls only as Jason would probably rather gnaw off his left arm or volunteer for a root canal). When I think craft fair images of hand woven lace couch dollies and sewn and quilted useless things like a Kleenex box covers come to mind but this one was actually pretty good! They even had a chips and salsa booth with unlimited samples area (although as I had not eaten any lunch they may now rethink the whole “unlimited” part). A funny aside Annikah liked the chips and salsa samples more then a chocolate covered pretzel sample I gave her: Go Spicy Senorita! Two of my mom’s good friend met us there as well and we have fun visiting a bit and chasing each other around the fair buying up various unneeded but so cute things. My mom got Annikah this ridiculously adorable sweater- I love it!

After the craft fair we went back to my parent’s house and my Great Grandma showed us some old pictures and even a ration stamp book she had saved from World War II. It was so awesome to see these pictures, they smell of the past and being the history geek I am I ate it up. After feeding Anni dinner we headed back to the city and I was able to go out with some High School friends, some of whom I reconnected with at my high school reunion. Jason stayed home to watch Anni and pack for India (he leaves today*).

We went to the Elbo Room to see my friend Kathy’s hubby play in his band Last. We were a bunch of groupies! Kathy and I were badminton buddies back in the day as well as partner’s in many tee peeing incidents. She is a great girl and it is awesome to see her happy! The bizarre part of the story is that her husband Jim actually went to WEGO (our high school) as well but in high school they were not friends or even in the same crowd really. They reconnected in college and started dating and the rest is history. So fun!

Annelea, Jesse, Grant, and Josh were also there and we got to catch up, at least as much as you can shouting over bands playing.

It was fun to actually “go out” but we collectively decided we are officially OLD. I present the following as evidence of our elderly status:

quotes uttered by us last night:
“this is too loud”

“did you just yawn? It is only 9:30pm”

“gross, there is too much smoke in here”

“do you all want to go upstairs and find a place to sit down?”

“responsibilities suck”

“I cannot hear you, yell louder!”

Despite my old age and early departure I was glad to be able to see these friends and support Jim is his rocking on!

* Jason will be gone for 2 weeks and my extroverted self is shamelessly asking for friends/family to come by, have play dates, hang out, have dinner with , etc. So, even if you are motivated by pity- I will take it as I would love to see you!! Holla at a girl!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Anikah’s first experience with Santa reminded me of Elsa, my grandaughter when she was 1. She just screamed when he would get close. So Kristin held her and she and Elsa faced me and Santa snuck up behind them. Aren’t we adults silly? Why was a picture with Santa so important to go to such lengths.I’ll be praying for you while Jason is gone.Love you, Wanda

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yo chica! We should do coffee for sure, I can come over to your house if that is easier.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh yes, I know the Elbo room. Nice room for a gig – the clientel isn’t too scuzy and not too grungy. I’ve been there many times supporting my boyfriend when he was in like 6 bands. Yep, that was Rob – my now husband. He should thank me for uping his cool factor on this blog!