Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I am thankful for many things….. my home, God’s provision and guidance, salsa, Jason, my family, clean laundry, my friends, my daughter, music, peppermint mocha’s, jeans that fit and make you look skinnier than you really are, creativity, warm days, books, laughter, the freedom I have to be myself, the love in my life, forgiveness, my health, the abilities God has given me, the smell of burning leaves, the way other people in our lives love Annikah, a nice long sweaty run, food (cannot list all here but FOOD, glorious food), sleep, silence, the noisy city, warm fleece pants, kindness and grace, and many more things that escape my typing right now. Not that I need a sort of made up, not historically accurate holiday to be thankful but it is a good reminder. We headed out to the burbs to see my family and enjoyed our day. My mom said she heard something on TV about the average person eats about 5,000 calories on Thanksgiving and never to be “average” I think I doubled that. Anni enjoyed seeing her Great Grandparents and was able to taste the fabulous meal for the first time this year since last year she was mostly still into milk. Her favorite part of the meal was the vanilla ice cream that accompanied the pumpkin pie (a funny side note that, like her mama, she DID NOT like the pumpkin pie:). My little sis was home from college and my brother and his girlfriend; Annie joined us as well. My mom made a delicious feast and we wasted no time packing it in. Even Anni got in on the turkey action!
We spent most of the night playing Apples to Apples (which is a fun game that is you have never played DO IT!) and I further realized that I like Annie as she and I seemed to be in mind meld mode always picking one another’s cards.
Anni is still a bit afraid of Great Grandpa and his loud, deep voice saying “hey you, I gave you money for your college you better like me” does not seem to be helping. Until she can appreciate a good baseball game and a cold beer I am not sure they will have much in common.
Annikah loved visiting with Auntie Katy and stealing Great Grandma’s ice cream though. She does know how to work that cute little smile and “hi”- works every time! Happy Thanksgiving to you, you are no doubt one of the things I am thankful for!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Did Annikah get a brain freeze from that HUGE bite of Great Grandma’s ice cream? Hilarioius video. She’s a natural. Thanks for sharing.