So now that Anni is 14 months old the common question I get from people is “is she talking?” My answer is “kind of.” This was my conception of how talking went with toddlers: I thought her first word would be monumental, of earth shattering importance but the truth is I really do not even know what it was. She started making sounds but they seemed random. I suppose it would be “Papa” if I had to pick but in reality it came out more like “papapapapa” and seemed to refer to Jason as much as her shoe or a dog trotting along past her stroller. She now definitely uses Papa to refer to Jason and every night when we pick him up from the train she starts saying “papa” when she hears the train rumble by. I will say that in about the last week or so she has discovered the word “hi” and it is adorable. She even uses it appropriately, albeit she sometimes over indulgences in the word. Example: last night At Jewel she said “hi” about 25 times to the check out woman who (bless her) thought it was fabulously cute and responded every time with “hi” back. Anni even said “hi” to Grandma Ronnie on the phone today. She still has trouble with Mama and most of the time calls me “ba,” a name I am not fond of. Come on kid , I take care of you every waking second can I get more than “Ba”? Gimme something, anything but “ba.” We have heard a barely intelligible “kitty” as well referring to Bonita. We also swore she said “marker” twice this past weekend while holding a highlighter although we realize the likelihood of this is not great. Although she will not be heard reciting sonnets anytime soon she is doing just fine with her little noises. Here is a video of her latest “Hi” obsession.
-“Ba” signing off

  1. Anonymous says:

    Her little voice is so sweet!

  2. Anonymous says:

    i just want to give her a big kiss when she says hi – sweet is definitely the word!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Glad she is saying “hi” now. Joshua and she can now have long, involved conversations where this is the only word used!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh, Rox! How cute is she??!? I can’t wait to hear G’s talking voice (when she means it!). We need to get together soon. It has been forever!! What are ya’ll doing Wednesday between naps?