We went to Grizzly Jack’s Grand Bear Resort this weekend to celebrate my b-day (a few days early). Kudos to Jason for planning a fun weekend for us as a family. The resort was actually called Moose Goose Goat Bear Butt lodge by me, that name evolved over the past few weeks as we discussed our trip, ie. “I cannot wait til we go to that Bear Moose place”. At first it was ” Bear Moose” because I could never remember the name and Jason would laugh at how ridiculous it was that I called it the wrong name so I decided to really show him ridiculous by changing the name to include whatever animals struck my fancy (ie. goat and goose), then I threw in the butt for just good measure. Ok, I guess you had to be there but it was funny. Whatever it was called Anni LOVED it.
It was definitely one of those family vacation, tourist trap places but we had a blast! Annikah was still recovering from being sick but whenever she was in the water she was a new baby! She was quite adventurous and even went down the smaller waterslides by herself by the end of the weekend. The Anstee family joined us Saturday in our water park madness and Anni enjoyed playing with “big girl” Indigo and partner in crime (and kissing) Aislin.
Jason was even more excited to have a fellow testosterone filled man to watch the Illini game with. Beck and I always have tons to talk about and had a great time catching up while chasing the kids. Jason, Anni, and I even had time on

Saturday morning (due to Anni’s bright and early wake up call) to head out to Starved Rock State Park for some hiking. I know, tourist trap and nature, it was a bipolar weekend but fun. Anni had a rough night on Sunday probably due to her ear infection but she had a great time all in all. Jason and I relaxed and took some time to just enjoy our little family. Happy (almost) birthday to me!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Granpa in his sick way said “Shoot it!” when he saw the deer. There is no hope for that man! How cool to be so close. Loved the laugh as she went down the slide. Hope she is better now. What did the doc say?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Parents magazine had a “mom’s words of wisdom” contest recently. One of the winning quotes was “if you have a crab, put them in the water.” If a kid is crabby put them in the sprinkler, tub or pool! I think this may ring true for that little waterbaby of yours. Bear Moose butt palace was a great place. I too could only remember the Grizzley Jack’s portion of it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey, we’ve been there for a church retreat (november 2 years ago). it was luca’s first time in the water actually – super fun place. two things – jesse says way to go jason for running into the little girl at the bottom of the slide and i am wondering how big that jacket was on anni. neat deer encounter!

  4. Anonymous says:

    ok, that little girl was Indigo so at least we knew her before we ran her over šŸ™‚ and the jacket is a 2t but actually fits well, the sleeves are just long but Grandma got a deal at Costco- beggars cannot be choosers!

  5. Anonymous says:

    hey – i always try to get outwear one size to big so it can last two years – us frugal folk definitely are cool like that!