We had a fabulous Halloween. First of all it was wonderfully warm which always makes me happy! Remember when you were a kid and it was always so cold that your mom would make you wear a coat over your cute costume. Not today! No coat needed!
I finished sewing Anni’s costume last night and I was so excited to dress her up as Little Red Riding Hood. Jason is going to be the Big Bad wolf and I will be Red’s grandmother for the Halloween party we are going to Saturday and of course I will post more pics after the party (as an aside after I researched this fairy tale on the web I realized it is a bit morbid and scary but I already started the costumes so we went with it). Anni was super cute in her costume and this year she could actually kind of enjoy Halloween (as opposed to last year when she was still sort of amoeba like). Of course she had no idea why she was wearing the get up but she sure did enjoy the candy (first time ever!) and cookie. She got candy from her friends that work at the library. I selected Twizzlers as I thought that was the less of many evils in the bucket-o-sugar they were offering. After her nap we went to the Rogers Park Parents meet up event at the Common Cup. It was organized by two RP friends and they did a great job of decorating and making everyone feel welcome.

Anni thought the get together was pretty fab as soon as she got her hands on a giant chocolate cookie (I even noticed cookie in her ear on the walk home). Events like this make me feel warm & fuzzy about our neighborhood.

After picking up Jason from the train we fed Anni and he went off on his free burrito adventure and I headed off to the YUCK JAM at Awana (at Family Empowerment Center). I stole these ideas for gross & disgusting food games from Kidstreet. We had the kids search through “puke” for marshmallows, find “worms” in “dirt” using only their mouths, and many other fun but gross Halloween games.

I love Halloween! It is an excuse to act crazy and then eat obscene amounts of sugar until one lapses into a fructose induced coma. Sugar ’em up and send them home to their parents is my motto. More on our Halloween adventures this weekend!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a fun time. Anni is such a cutie as LRR. We got to meet up with the Fosters and get candy for Joshua. He had is first dum dum lollipop ever and was hooked!Laura

  2. Anonymous says:

    So you’re saying our daughter is “amoeba like”…?

  3. Anonymous says:

    interesting that you note the tragedy of the “real” little red riding hood story–most fairy tales are fairly dark, or the villains come to violent ends (thank you Disney, for castrating a vast library of wonderfully disturbing stories). love ya!