There seems to be no end to what Jason & I will do for free stuff. Like for example wrapping our sweet little girl in tin foil. Jason heard (and then verified on the web)that if you went to Chipotle today dressed as a burrito you got one free so after I picked him up from work I wrapped him with tinfoil and he even put some on Anni in the hopes of getting 2 for free! It worked and after I got home from Awana I used the same tinfoil and ran down to get my free chicken burrito. Dinner for tomorrow night covered. I passed on the love by giving my foil to some people behind me that did not know about the free burrito! Gotta love free food!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Shameless indeed! I wish I knew about that, it would’ve beeen fun! Although Annikah is so darn adorable in that backpack with the binky and blanket!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Girl, you kill me!! Here is what is say: “cheap is good–FREE is better!!!”