Because we have been gone so much I feel a little overwhelmed during the week, like I am trying to play catch up with errands, and other not so fun but necessary household tasks, all of these stops always made to take twice as long with a toddler. Yesterday as I was frantically running from place to place trying to accomplish a ton before I headed off to Awana at FEC I was reminded of something incredibly important.

It was windy so pushing the stroller was tough and Anni was running out of patience and snacks. When we got to the post office I was happy to see that the line was short. This is an act of God as the line is usually ridiculously long and loyal readers of this blog know that the service is not always the best. After we mailed our 2 packages and letters with ease I quickly turned to buckle Annikah in for the trek home and headed briskly for the door as I still had one stop to make before picking up Jason from the train. As we headed out an older man who was walking with a cane put his hand out as if to say “wait.” He started toward us and said “let me help you” and walked slowly and deliberately over to the double doors to open them for us. His gait was almost painfully slow as he used his cane and swung open the very awkward door. I said “thank you so much” and Anni pointed at him and smiled which made him chuckle. He insisted on getting the other door as well and when I asked him his name and he replied “it is Howard and take care of that little one.” I told Howard he had made my day and thanked him again. My description lacks in his genuine care for us. Howard did not let anything get in the way of truly exhibiting and exuding kindness.

In that moment I was reminded of many things. I was reminded that sprinting through tasks and then feeling prideful about how much I can accomplish in a day is not what God requires of me. He wants me to look for opportunities to say “let me help you” even if it is not convenient. He wants me to care for others and love my neighbor and not just talk about it at church. He wants me to find joy amidst busyness and time for people during each day’s activity. Howard reminded of something I know but desperately needed to be reminded of and for that I am grateful.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love our neighborhood. I feel it is full of reminders like this.