We were off again this past weekend. This time to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to visit Jason’s folks. Cedar Rapids little slogan in the city of 5 seasons. We are not sure what that means but we fondly call it the city of 5 smells because of Quaker and other factory smells when you arrive really hit you. We also we able to visit Jorie, Mark, and Anni’s cousins Joel and Silas in their new house referred to by Joel as “brown house.”Brown house is actually only 1 1/2 blocks away from the Engstrom’s house! Congrats to Mark & Jorie on a great house with a real yard; you guys are grown ups now! They also got a new flat screen TV and Jason was over there until almost midnight Saturday playing the Wii. Annie, Jason’s younger sister also joined us, flying in from Atlanta for the weekend. It was awesome to see her and spend time sharing.
It was awesome to be all together (minus Justin- we missed you!)and enjoy the warm weather. We went to a Amana colonies for a huge and greasy breakfast.
I am not sure who enjoyed it more: Annikah or Jason. We walked around and enjoyed the warm fall weather and cute shops. Anni sampled the root beer and played in the leaves with her cousins. We also enjoyed some late night talks and Masterpiece playing. Most of all we enjoyed being together. Thanks for everything Engstrom clan!
Iowa has fun parks!
Annikah LOVES Silas!
hugging cousins!

playing in the leaves with Mama & Silas!

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