Annikah’s Roger’s Park buddies had a 1st b-day bash at Warren Park on Saturday. As we were driving over Jason and I noted that it seems our days of being invited to dinner parties or any other adult type shindigs are fading as we find our calendars filled with kids parties and family activities. Although this seems to be our new reality I actually love it; it is special to see families celebrate the blessing of their kids. Anni’s buds Elliot, Francie, and Gilly celebrated turning one in style with a joint b-day bash hosted by their awesome parents. We took this RPM picture which included Anni and I and Shayna and Angus- the whole RPM gang was represented! I give kudos to the Mamas and Papas for throwing a fun party and after my 20 mile run on early Saturday morning* I think I ate about half of the yummy food present!
*This is the most I will run at once before the marathon and I actually feel “ready” for the big day after surviving this week (weekly total was about 55 miles and I actually am still standing). I MUST give the Rock Star Award to Beck who got up at the butt crack to run the first 10 miles with me (thanks girl you are a true friend for supporting & encouraging my craziness and pretty awesome for reaching your goals)!!!
  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Rox! Understandable that baby parties fill your life now šŸ™‚ Matt & I are happy you can come to an adult party this weekend šŸ™‚ See ya Saturday!Unity