Jason worked from home today and after seeing the Dill boys (Anni’s cousins) out in the burbs we decided to take advantage of Jason being home and take a little trip to the park. Annikah has really matured in her park skills. It used to be that she would sit in the swing for about 5 minutes and watch other kids run around and that was pretty much the end of her park experience. Now, she begins to bang on the bars of her stroller when we even near the park and cannot wait to climb on everything (lately, the slide is her favorite). She also likes to get good and dirty. I say that is the only way to enjoy yourself! For those mothers out there wondering how the heck I got her to keep that hat on she actually surprisingly kept it on for about 20 minutes (19 minutes 58 seconds longer than any other hat) so we went with it.
  1. Anonymous says:

    Ok, so that is officially a super cute and sassy outfit! Where did you find that hat?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love the outfit and hat! Aren’t you glad I got the whole thing for her! She knows when she looks stunning! I want copies of the pose with the hat! Tuck in the shirt next time!