Although the reminders that summer is over seem to be everywhere I am loving the nice hot weather today! Labor day weekend was fun. After running my scheduled 18 miles on Saturday morning we headed up to Lake Geneva and spent the day as a family enjoying the cool weather and beautiful lake. My parents, sister, brother, and Grandparents joined us Sunday after driving from St. Louis (they were there for an Illini game where my little sister performed with the Illinettes for the first time! Go Katy!)
We celebrated Annikah’s birthday (again, that lil girl is getting spoiled with sweets) and spent time hanging out and beginning to pack up the house (my parents are rebuilding this fall and winter and the tear down starts in October). My Mom was a great hostess and made Anni’s B-day a special occasion. We reminisced about the past year and looked through pictures of Anni’s first eventful year. On the drive home we stopped by Jorie and Mark’s for dinner and a car seat break for Annikah and ended up having so much fun that we stayed for a few hours. Anni is so enamoured of her cousins that she was actually crawling away from us and crying when we tried to get her to leave. Family is a blessing. We arrived home around 8:30pm and true to Annikah form she stayed awake the entire time in the car and was more then ready to hit her crib when we got home.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I told you the candle was worth the $.75! All pictures are so cute. I made it home after sitting for an hour and only going 5 miles from Springfield. The Lincoln museum was great again, and Granma loved it. Loved seeing you all, and thanks for all the work.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i love the one of you and anni looking at the candle – such a keepsake! (you look great in that color btw.)