As if taking her first steps was not celebration enough after Jason arrived home early from work we decided to bike over to Welles Park to let Anni play on the awesome playlot. We then hit Garcia’s for some cheap Mexican followed by treating the b-day girl to her free Cold Stone Creamery b-day ice cream.
After a horrendous first half of dinner with Anni refusing to sit in the high chair despite numerous bribes and wanting run through the restaurant (I feel major tantrums approaching and our days of dining out coming to a swift end or at least hiatus). She finally was acting like her sweet self about 20 minutes in and polished off an entire quesadilla and some of my tostada. We walked over to the fountain and square area of Lincoln Square and let Anni crawl around and play with the many other kids. She even took a few more steps and other parents applauded her new skill. She was too busy chasing after the kids and stealing sippy cups to even try her ice cream but Papa “took one for the team” and managed to eat almost all of it until Anni returned with her new friend Maddie. After Anni tasted the ice cream she could not get enough, she whipped out the “more” and “please” signs repeatedly. So it was a great and eventful birthday for Annikah!
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